Trends to mix clothes when going to the beach

Summer is coming, you are planning to travel to the sea without knowing what to wear to be attractive and personality. Do not worry about that. We will help you choose a combination that is both harmonious and beautiful and suitable for wearing at the beach. Certainly, when going to the beach, you will feel more confident and shine more in this relaxing trip of yourself. Let’s explore.

Shorts and t-shirts

Nobody will say you are old-fashioned or outdated when choosing to mix a set of shorts and T-shirts? Because this is a combination that many young people love because of the dynamism and personality that it brings. You can freely play, run and jump and participate in outdoor group games like playing water ball here without feeling uncomfortable. Instead, you will be able to play hard without worrying about any dress trouble.

You can mix T-shirts with cute, unique or funny photos (like Totoro T-shirt, bear …) with torn shorts. It will help you become strong, lovable and energetic. You set up this set with a sports shoe. It sure makes you more active, more personality.

Crop-top + Short

This is a way to mix clothes very favorite and most popular of young people today.  This formula is especially safe for those with limited chest size that may apply. A crop top combined with shorts will make you extremely attractive and equally active. Moreover, You will be able to show off your slender waist and long legs through this beach set. And it makes you comfortable to play but still extremely discreet.

Note:¬† In addition to the crop top option, you can also replace it with a bra that is also quite comfortable but not “open” like when wearing a bikini. Mix clothes to go to the beach with shorts quite simple, you can use clothes every day to apply for this mix. Therefore, when preparing sea travel, do not forget this set in the items you need to bring

Maxi dress

A 2-wire maxi dress is one of the very popular dresses when going to the sea today.  With this charming 2-piece dress, you will surely have an extremely sexy and seductive look. Moreover, it definitely makes the guys look at you without blinking and love you at first sight.

A special highlight of this dress pattern is the back that is designed with an extremely charming opening. Anyone who can put this model on will definitely show off their sexy back and fascinated slender shoulders. Note: With this dress, you can combine it with a wide-brimmed hat that will help you become more gentle and elegant.

Mix beach outfit with bikini shirt

Bikini is a beach outfit often sold in clothing and beachwear stores. Bikini is an improved form of women’s underwear, making them more colorful and stylish to suit the needs of the wearer when going to the beach.

Even though you like to wear a bikini, You are afraid it is too revealing to make you uncomfortable. Do not worry. I will show you some tips for mixing with the bikini. Like, If you don’t like to reveal your body, you can wear a bikini with an oversize T-shirt or outerwear, mesh shirt. It does not make you worse but will help you become both sexy and discreet. You can combine it with a pair of sandals, it will make you more perfect.

Floral pants

Flower patterns are always an indispensable item among the most beach outfits for younger people. The floral patterns are all striking and bright colors that are suitable for the scenery with blue sea, golden sunshine, and white sand. If you go to the beach in groups or pairs, try buying it. surely you will stand out. Moreover,  It helps people who are extremely comfortable moving and playing. And, it makes you more dynamic and more personal.

This type of pants is very cute, you can coordinate a lot of variety of clothes such as crop top, tank top or T-shirts are extremely suitable.


I just finished showing you a few ways to mix clothes( ¬†Totoro T-shirt with a short or maxi dress, bikini, …)to go to the beach loved by the youngest people today. Hope you will choose how to mix the most suitable for you.


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