AMTAST grain moisture meter Review

In agricultural, food preservation is an essential step to produce the best quality product; the moisture factor is extremely important. The introduction of grain moisture meter has become a useful facility and tool for farmers. Measuring the moisture content of rice, pea, and other agricultural products help users determine the moisture content for treatment, thus limiting significant losses to the agricultural sector. An agricultural moisture meter will help farm work to be more effective without the effort and time-consuming to go to the centers to ask them to check the moisture of agricultural products. There is an agricultural moisture meter that you can rest assured in the preservation and quality of your agricultural products.

Today, there are several moisture meters on the market, with the cost range from low to high. In order to choose a medium priced product whose quality is still good, today I will introduce an AMTAST grain moisture meter. The price is £119.


The product has a compact and simple design; the main part is a body that has a rectangular LCD screen in the right corner, below are 4 buttons -, +, set, and power. The back of the frame is the box for the battery. The last part of that machine is the grain canister that holds our grain products. The body and the canister are made of black plastic and gray color on the main body surface.

The machine comes with a screwdriver and a small mop. It is very convenient and ensures the machine can clean all the dust from the product when finished using the canister. Screwdriver is used to replace the battery. I appreciate this part of the manufacturer’s concern.

Compared to other agricultural grain moisture measuring, this machine can be said to be more compact. But certainly this design is a factor that determines part of the price of the product.


AMTAST moisture meter can test 14 different kinds of grains moisture with fast reading, easy operation, pocket size and convenient carrying.

Applications for 14 different grains moisture test: Wheat, Maize (Corn), Japonica rice, Indica rice, Soybean, Rice, Sorghum, Rapeseed, Millet, Peanut, Barley, Sunflower seed, Coffee bean, Cocoa bean.


1. Measuring Range: 3% -40%

2. Adjust Range: -9.9% ~ + 9.9%

3. Accuracy: 0.5%

4. Repeat Error: 0.2%

5. Working Temperature: 0 ~ 40ºC

6. Battery: 9V (6F22)

7. Auto off: 3 minutes

8. Batteries Included? No

9. Required Batteries? Yes

I had a small test when I got it to hand. I tried to measure the moisture content of coffee. With the simple steps just fill the container with coffee beans (not parchment), then place the lid on top and apply pressure until it moves down and emits a beep, after the beep, the result of the measurement will appear on the screen.

What the grain moisture meter works and give the results makes me very satisfied, only takes 1 second to process and show the results. It is really fast. Regarding the accuracy of the results, after a period of use, I measured with corn seeds, cocoa beans, the accuracy is perfect.

However, The only cons it has is that it can’t take measurements on parchment, but normally measuring parchment is not accurate and the closer the humidity gets to the 11~12% range the more important accuracy is due to how fast the grain dries at that stage and for this price that’s hardly a cons.

My verdict

Scoring: 8/10

  • Good price
  • Compact design, convenient carrying
  • Quick processing
  • Easy to use
  • Do not measure on parchment

This is a good grain moisture meter that I have used, the price is reasonable and the quality is good. If you are a farmer I highly recommend this product to you. An extremely necessary product.

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