A Comprehensive Guide for Buying the Best Hand Saw

Many types of power tools are introduced till the date to make woodworking easier. Professional carpenters and woodworkers have always relied on quality tools to cut and craft the wood into beautiful and useful structures. Hence the popularity of power tools is at its peak, many might believe the hand saw has no use now. In reality, professionals still need the best hand saw to finish their work.

It is one of the most necessary tools anyone would need when crafting and shaping a piece of wooden furniture or another structure. Some unique properties of hand saw make it a mandatory woodworking tool for both newbies and professionals.

  • The hand saws are easy to carry anywhere you go. It does not weigh too much weight and it also does not require a large space in the toolbox. You can carry it with your tools kit if you are going to repair furniture or other wooden objects.
  • Hand saws turn into very essential woodworking tools when there is no power outlet on a remote job site. Your work will never stop and you can use your crafting skills to create a perfect object by using this tool.
  • Power tools like electric and gas operated saws are always risky to use. A little negligence can result in a career-ending injury. Yes, hand saws are also lethal but not as dangerous as electric or gas powered saws.
  • You can easily manoeuvre the best hand saw to get the job done in a perfect way. It requires years of experience to learn how to control the motion of power saws to achieve perfection.
  • You will never worry about tangling cables when using a hand saw because there are no cables. Such a comfortable work environment cannot be available when you are using an electric saw on your job site.

The benefits of hand saw are many and professional woodworkers and carpenters know it. Therefore, they never start any project without carrying this tool. If you are also a DIY enthusiast or aspiring to be a professional carpenter or woodworker, you should buy the best hand saw. Consider a few important factors while searching for this tool online.

Know different types of hand saws:

There are six different types of hand saws, which you must check before you place the order:

  • Rip Saw: It is a longer saw which can be up to 26” long. It features angled point and it cuts with the wood grain. Consequently, you get rough edges.
Rip Saw
Rip Saw
  • Box Saw: People often consider it a crosscut saw of shorter size because of its 24” length. It features a wider blade which helps this saw in cutting against the wood grain.
Box saw
  • Crosscut: This saw is slightly shorter in its length and it also features a wider blade. It cuts less aggressively due to which you get finer edges.
  • Backsaw: This saw is designed particularly for trim and moulding. It comes with an inflexible bar attached to the back of the blade. This special attachment prevents back saw from kinking.
  • Coping saw: This one is a wide U-shaped saw. It comes with a very thin blade and preferred for fine cutting and woodworking jobs.
Coping saw
Coping saw
  • Hack saw: It comes with a very thin blade. Its fine toothed blade allows you to cut metal and piping quite smoothly.
Hack saw
Hack saw

Consider the tooth shape:

Most of the hand saws come with one of two types of tooth shapes, which are Rip and Crosscut. Saws equipped with Rip teeth are chosen to cut along the length of the wood grain. This action is also known as ripping. If you take a closer look, the tooth will appear like a chisel. It cuts wood by pushing through the grains like a tiny chisel. Hand saws featuring Cross Cut teeth are designed to cut across the grain. Its teeth are shaped like a knife blade so that the saw can sever the wood grain effectively.

Other things you should consider when looking for the best hand saw are tooth count, the size of the hand saw, and build quality. Tooth count is expressed as “points per inch” or PPI, which shows how many teeth are there in one-inch length. These things are essential to consider because that’s how you can make sure you are buying the best woodworking tool for your job.

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