Tips for using digital calipers

Electronic calipers or digital calipers have become the current leading measurement device choice for everyone, from individual users to industrial and mechanical engineers … Due to the flexibility of digital calipers and ease of use, anyone or anywhere can still allow accurate measurements. Also, because of people always the accuracy in the industry, small deviations that are wrong in the measurement details affect the quality of work. Therefore, the maintenance of electronic calipers must follow the steps carefully and store the equipment.

Understanding the general psychology of everyone, in this article, I will introduce to you the tips, tricks that you need to know when working with this tool. At the same time, this is also the most effective way of preserving any digital calipers available on the market today. Let’s find out now.

Processing the value of the “0” position measurement point

Some of the most common problems, especially the digital calipers, will experience fluctuations in measurement results when the measuring functions are closed. Usually, the electronic calipers will have a button on the screen to reset the measurement value, and this is the right thing to do right before the measurement to ensure accuracy. To make sure the caliper is set to “0” before measuring, close the digital caliper and press the “0” (origin setting) button, then move the ruler and bring it back to its original position a few times to make sure the value has been set.

The measuring functions should be cleaned before use. To check quickly before setting the value of “0”, what you need to do is to close and hold the measurement function then bring it to the front of the light. If the light passes through the gap between the distances of the two measuring features, we need to: squeeze and hold tight jaw more, or maybe the surface of the jaw has been abraded. In the case of abrasion, it is necessary to bring the calipers to the mechanical shop or product warranty so that the surface of the jaw can be repaired by grinding the jaw until the surface looks flatter and more smooth.

Measurement procedure using the digital calipers

Although taking measurements on an electronic caliper is more straightforward than a mechanical caliper, there are a few things to keep in mind when using a digital vernier caliper. The force applied to the measuring function when measuring will directly affect the accuracy of the measuring tank, which means that when moving the measuring service to grip the object that uses excessive force, it may affect the measurement result. There are two options to solve this problem:

To solve this problem, the objects when measuring should be placed in a high position in the function, because when set high, the tremendous force of the measuring object will reduce the pressure of the measuring service on that object to help the measurement results be more accurate.

Moreover, there is another way to solve this problem, which is to adjust the nut below the moving jaw. Specially, you should loosen the screws to create a balance that moves the product clamp so that the measurement results are less likely to deviate from the parameter.

Battery and electronics storage tips for digital calipers

Common problems when using electronic calipers often involve batteries or electronic devices. Therefore, it is necessary to store these components of the caliper properly.

Water and humidity are the most significant “enemies” of digital calipers. Rain can dampen the protective patches on the screen, causing electrical damage to the screen, causing unstable operation. So before using the electronic display should be dry and stored in a dry place to avoid the caliper in wet conditions.

Problems with static electricity display, flickering digits, or a non-display screen are generally understood to be caused by the battery. The battery should be replaced as soon as these circumstances begin to occur. Also, the battery should be directed to the repair address if signs of corrosion appear. Or take out the battery and repeat inside for sure to use the calipers regularly.

In conclusion

Electronic calipers or digital calipers, which are a reasonably accurate measuring instrument, are used in many manufacturing industries such as mechanics, woodwork, plastic, and aluminum and glass. . . This type of caliper is very familiar to many people who are working in technical positions but do not necessarily fully understand it. For students, students have been instructed to use in the practical learning process, but due to little use, many of you do not know the tips and tricks for using the digital caliper. Therefore, through this article, I hope you will gain more useful experience when using electronic calipers. Hopefully, this article will be helpful for some of you.

AMTAST grain moisture meter Review

In agricultural, food preservation is an essential step to produce the best quality product; the moisture factor is extremely important. The introduction of grain moisture meter has become a useful facility and tool for farmers. Measuring the moisture content of rice, pea, and other agricultural products help users determine the moisture content for treatment, thus limiting significant losses to the agricultural sector. An agricultural moisture meter will help farm work to be more effective without the effort and time-consuming to go to the centers to ask them to check the moisture of agricultural products. There is an agricultural moisture meter that you can rest assured in the preservation and quality of your agricultural products.

Today, there are several moisture meters on the market, with the cost range from low to high. In order to choose a medium priced product whose quality is still good, today I will introduce an AMTAST grain moisture meter. The price is £119.


The product has a compact and simple design; the main part is a body that has a rectangular LCD screen in the right corner, below are 4 buttons -, +, set, and power. The back of the frame is the box for the battery. The last part of that machine is the grain canister that holds our grain products. The body and the canister are made of black plastic and gray color on the main body surface.

The machine comes with a screwdriver and a small mop. It is very convenient and ensures the machine can clean all the dust from the product when finished using the canister. Screwdriver is used to replace the battery. I appreciate this part of the manufacturer’s concern.

Compared to other agricultural grain moisture measuring, this machine can be said to be more compact. But certainly this design is a factor that determines part of the price of the product.


AMTAST moisture meter can test 14 different kinds of grains moisture with fast reading, easy operation, pocket size and convenient carrying.

Applications for 14 different grains moisture test: Wheat, Maize (Corn), Japonica rice, Indica rice, Soybean, Rice, Sorghum, Rapeseed, Millet, Peanut, Barley, Sunflower seed, Coffee bean, Cocoa bean.


1. Measuring Range: 3% -40%

2. Adjust Range: -9.9% ~ + 9.9%

3. Accuracy: 0.5%

4. Repeat Error: 0.2%

5. Working Temperature: 0 ~ 40ºC

6. Battery: 9V (6F22)

7. Auto off: 3 minutes

8. Batteries Included? No

9. Required Batteries? Yes

I had a small test when I got it to hand. I tried to measure the moisture content of coffee. With the simple steps just fill the container with coffee beans (not parchment), then place the lid on top and apply pressure until it moves down and emits a beep, after the beep, the result of the measurement will appear on the screen.

What the grain moisture meter works and give the results makes me very satisfied, only takes 1 second to process and show the results. It is really fast. Regarding the accuracy of the results, after a period of use, I measured with corn seeds, cocoa beans, the accuracy is perfect.

However, The only cons it has is that it can’t take measurements on parchment, but normally measuring parchment is not accurate and the closer the humidity gets to the 11~12% range the more important accuracy is due to how fast the grain dries at that stage and for this price that’s hardly a cons.

My verdict

Scoring: 8/10

  • Good price
  • Compact design, convenient carrying
  • Quick processing
  • Easy to use
  • Do not measure on parchment

This is a good grain moisture meter that I have used, the price is reasonable and the quality is good. If you are a farmer I highly recommend this product to you. An extremely necessary product.

Carpets for children’s bedrooms

Modern life, the need to use the carpet for the house becomes extremely necessary and indispensable. It not only keeps the heat but also obscures the imperfections on the floor, increasing the aesthetics of your space

On the market today there are a variety of carpet patterns with enough materials, motifs, designs for you to choose. Many parents want to buy carpet for their children’s room. But they don’t know how to choose? Realizing that, we have come up with some cute animal patterns for both boys and girls for parents to choose to make your children’s room come alive, beautiful and protecting children from the floor is not very clean. More importantly, it also helps young children to stimulate their eyesight and imagination. Let’s explore.

Benefit of carpet

Before I start showing you the carpet patterns that are suitable for your baby. I will talk about the benefits of carpet for your home in general and for your child’s room in particular.

Protect children from dirt floors: A floor is a place where there is a lot of dirt and it can have a big impact on children’s health. Especially when children spend a lot of time playing around on the floor. Therefore, it is necessary to isolate and protect children from the floor by using carpets. With the use of safe materials for human health, especially the skin of young children, animal-shaped carpets such as a barrier isolate young children from the floor, making sure children have fun without worry about being dirty.

Note: attention should be paid to cleaning and washing carpets regularly. If not, this is the dirtiest place, hiding many harmful bacteria for children.

Support, minimize damage when collision: Children are very naughty, they can completely hurt themselves with bumps or slippery on the floor. The carpets with smooth, soft texture will be responsible for supporting and minimizing trauma injuries when children play.

Stimulate children’s brain:  With funny animals, animal-shaped carpets will help young children explore the natural world in the best way. Maximize your child’s creativity and imagination with many different animal shapes and colors. Moreover, They help our children grow naturally and best through their first sight.

Choose carpet

Here I will give you some suggestions about choosing a carpet for your baby depending on gender.

The first is for girls: Baby girls like the cuteness, sweetness, lightness, the carpets on the floor with cute motifs, mainstream colors like red, pink, yellow … with cartoon characters like baby dolls, Kitty cats, Princess … and cute figures like hearts and flowers will be a way to attract children.

For boys rooms:  For boys, with a playful and mischievous personality, the carpet patterns for their room should be unique. For example, select pictures of cartoon characters that children often like, including Mickey Mouse or some other characters like superheroes, spiders, iron man… Or some carpet patterns have funny animal shapes, not necessarily cartoon characters. The main colors for boys’ carpets should be colors like blue, green, blue …

Besides, you can choose some pictures and cartoon characters that are loved by girls and boys like Totoro carpets, bear carpets, …

Note when choosing carpet

Besides the designs, the color I suggest above. Parents should note the following:

Choose carpets according to your baby’s preferences and personality: This is the first important factor. Choosing the right carpet according to your preferences will bring a sense of love to their room, the children will be happy and caring, cleaning their room without you being reminded.

Choose a carpet that fits your baby’s furniture: This creates harmony for the entire room, making the room beautiful and reasonable. A harmonious, balanced space will help children to be comfortable, especially it directly affects the psychological development process in young children, moreover, this is also the way you train your child to have aesthetic good.

Choose tragedy with your child’s age: For small children from 1 to 5 years old You should choose a good anti-slip carpet, easy to clean like porous carpet, carpet with felt … for older children, we can choose carpet according to their preferences.

In conclusion

  I have presented a few benefits of carpeting, how to choose carpet and note when choosing carpet. Hope, it will be helpful for parents to choose the most suitable carpet for their children.

Trends to mix clothes when going to the beach

Summer is coming, you are planning to travel to the sea without knowing what to wear to be attractive and personality. Do not worry about that. We will help you choose a combination that is both harmonious and beautiful and suitable for wearing at the beach. Certainly, when going to the beach, you will feel more confident and shine more in this relaxing trip of yourself. Let’s explore.

Shorts and t-shirts

Nobody will say you are old-fashioned or outdated when choosing to mix a set of shorts and T-shirts? Because this is a combination that many young people love because of the dynamism and personality that it brings. You can freely play, run and jump and participate in outdoor group games like playing water ball here without feeling uncomfortable. Instead, you will be able to play hard without worrying about any dress trouble.

You can mix T-shirts with cute, unique or funny photos (like Totoro T-shirt, bear …) with torn shorts. It will help you become strong, lovable and energetic. You set up this set with a sports shoe. It sure makes you more active, more personality.

Crop-top + Short

This is a way to mix clothes very favorite and most popular of young people today.  This formula is especially safe for those with limited chest size that may apply. A crop top combined with shorts will make you extremely attractive and equally active. Moreover, You will be able to show off your slender waist and long legs through this beach set. And it makes you comfortable to play but still extremely discreet.

Note:  In addition to the crop top option, you can also replace it with a bra that is also quite comfortable but not “open” like when wearing a bikini. Mix clothes to go to the beach with shorts quite simple, you can use clothes every day to apply for this mix. Therefore, when preparing sea travel, do not forget this set in the items you need to bring

Maxi dress

A 2-wire maxi dress is one of the very popular dresses when going to the sea today.  With this charming 2-piece dress, you will surely have an extremely sexy and seductive look. Moreover, it definitely makes the guys look at you without blinking and love you at first sight.

A special highlight of this dress pattern is the back that is designed with an extremely charming opening. Anyone who can put this model on will definitely show off their sexy back and fascinated slender shoulders. Note: With this dress, you can combine it with a wide-brimmed hat that will help you become more gentle and elegant.

Mix beach outfit with bikini shirt

Bikini is a beach outfit often sold in clothing and beachwear stores. Bikini is an improved form of women’s underwear, making them more colorful and stylish to suit the needs of the wearer when going to the beach.

Even though you like to wear a bikini, You are afraid it is too revealing to make you uncomfortable. Do not worry. I will show you some tips for mixing with the bikini. Like, If you don’t like to reveal your body, you can wear a bikini with an oversize T-shirt or outerwear, mesh shirt. It does not make you worse but will help you become both sexy and discreet. You can combine it with a pair of sandals, it will make you more perfect.

Floral pants

Flower patterns are always an indispensable item among the most beach outfits for younger people. The floral patterns are all striking and bright colors that are suitable for the scenery with blue sea, golden sunshine, and white sand. If you go to the beach in groups or pairs, try buying it. surely you will stand out. Moreover,  It helps people who are extremely comfortable moving and playing. And, it makes you more dynamic and more personal.

This type of pants is very cute, you can coordinate a lot of variety of clothes such as crop top, tank top or T-shirts are extremely suitable.


I just finished showing you a few ways to mix clothes(  Totoro T-shirt with a short or maxi dress, bikini, …)to go to the beach loved by the youngest people today. Hope you will choose how to mix the most suitable for you.

A Comprehensive Guide for Buying the Best Hand Saw

Many types of power tools are introduced till the date to make woodworking easier. Professional carpenters and woodworkers have always relied on quality tools to cut and craft the wood into beautiful and useful structures. Hence the popularity of power tools is at its peak, many might believe the hand saw has no use now. In reality, professionals still need the best hand saw to finish their work.

It is one of the most necessary tools anyone would need when crafting and shaping a piece of wooden furniture or another structure. Some unique properties of hand saw make it a mandatory woodworking tool for both newbies and professionals.

  • The hand saws are easy to carry anywhere you go. It does not weigh too much weight and it also does not require a large space in the toolbox. You can carry it with your tools kit if you are going to repair furniture or other wooden objects.
  • Hand saws turn into very essential woodworking tools when there is no power outlet on a remote job site. Your work will never stop and you can use your crafting skills to create a perfect object by using this tool.
  • Power tools like electric and gas operated saws are always risky to use. A little negligence can result in a career-ending injury. Yes, hand saws are also lethal but not as dangerous as electric or gas powered saws.
  • You can easily manoeuvre the best hand saw to get the job done in a perfect way. It requires years of experience to learn how to control the motion of power saws to achieve perfection.
  • You will never worry about tangling cables when using a hand saw because there are no cables. Such a comfortable work environment cannot be available when you are using an electric saw on your job site.

The benefits of hand saw are many and professional woodworkers and carpenters know it. Therefore, they never start any project without carrying this tool. If you are also a DIY enthusiast or aspiring to be a professional carpenter or woodworker, you should buy the best hand saw. Consider a few important factors while searching for this tool online.

Know different types of hand saws:

There are six different types of hand saws, which you must check before you place the order:

  • Rip Saw: It is a longer saw which can be up to 26” long. It features angled point and it cuts with the wood grain. Consequently, you get rough edges.

Rip Saw
Rip Saw

  • Box Saw: People often consider it a crosscut saw of shorter size because of its 24” length. It features a wider blade which helps this saw in cutting against the wood grain.

Box saw

  • Crosscut: This saw is slightly shorter in its length and it also features a wider blade. It cuts less aggressively due to which you get finer edges.


  • Backsaw: This saw is designed particularly for trim and moulding. It comes with an inflexible bar attached to the back of the blade. This special attachment prevents back saw from kinking.


  • Coping saw: This one is a wide U-shaped saw. It comes with a very thin blade and preferred for fine cutting and woodworking jobs.

Coping saw
Coping saw

  • Hack saw: It comes with a very thin blade. Its fine toothed blade allows you to cut metal and piping quite smoothly.

Hack saw
Hack saw

Consider the tooth shape:

Most of the hand saws come with one of two types of tooth shapes, which are Rip and Crosscut. Saws equipped with Rip teeth are chosen to cut along the length of the wood grain. This action is also known as ripping. If you take a closer look, the tooth will appear like a chisel. It cuts wood by pushing through the grains like a tiny chisel. Hand saws featuring Cross Cut teeth are designed to cut across the grain. Its teeth are shaped like a knife blade so that the saw can sever the wood grain effectively.

Other things you should consider when looking for the best hand saw are tooth count, the size of the hand saw, and build quality. Tooth count is expressed as “points per inch” or PPI, which shows how many teeth are there in one-inch length. These things are essential to consider because that’s how you can make sure you are buying the best woodworking tool for your job.